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  • January 281/28 midterm schedule: E Block (8:45-10:15) & F Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 271/27 midterm schedule: C Block (8:45-10:15) & D Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 261/26 midterm schedule: A Block (8:45-10:15) & B Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 251/25 midterm schedule: G Block (1:30-3:00)
  • October 22Join the Unified Basketball team at MRHS on October 26 at 4:00 PM!
Ms. Lexi Goyette

Ms. Lexi Goyette, Newspaper Advisor

Ms. Lexi Goyette is an English Teacher at Monomoy Regional High School. Before joining the teaching profession, she worked as a copywriter for about three years. This is her second year at Monomoy and second year advising the school newspaper.

Her favorite topics to write about are feature pieces about people and clubs at Monomoy. She enjoys to read news of all kinds, but especially stories about the arts, education and social issues.

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