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  • January 281/28 midterm schedule: E Block (8:45-10:15) & F Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 271/27 midterm schedule: C Block (8:45-10:15) & D Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 261/26 midterm schedule: A Block (8:45-10:15) & B Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 251/25 midterm schedule: G Block (1:30-3:00)
  • October 22Join the Unified Basketball team at MRHS on October 26 at 4:00 PM!
Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

Grace is a senior at Monomoy High School and has been a writer for The Current for two years running. She is most interested in writing about and photographing sports and even runs an Instagram and Facebook page dedicated to sharing her pictures of the Monomoy sports teams. After graduating, Grace is looking forward to attending a school that provides a degree in photography and photojournalism. 

Outside of school, Grace spends her time playing soccer, taking pictures at games, or grabbing a coffee to watch a sunset at Bank.

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