The Current

  • January 281/28 midterm schedule: E Block (8:45-10:15) & F Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 271/27 midterm schedule: C Block (8:45-10:15) & D Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 261/26 midterm schedule: A Block (8:45-10:15) & B Block (10:25-11:55)
  • January 251/25 midterm schedule: G Block (1:30-3:00)
  • October 22Join the Unified Basketball team at MRHS on October 26 at 4:00 PM!


The Current is the official online newspaper of Monomoy Regional High School. The paper, previously named Shark Tales, transitioned from a hard copy paper in 2014 to what it is now, a full-fledged online blog. The devoted staff writes stories about Monomoy sports, student life, world news, and personal opinions on issues in society. In addition to the small staff of students running the paper, there are also many stories published by the school’s Journalism class. The Current will continue to shed light on events at MRHS and across the globe for years to come.