Putting the “win” in winter sports- the Furies are off to a great start this season


Image source: Grace Ventura Photography, Monomoy Sports

Morgan Willis, Staff Writer

The Cape Cod Furies is a team with girls from Nauset, Monomoy and Cape Tech. The girls are on fire this season with a current record of 6-1-2 (as of 1/24/22). They have been putting on a show lately, beating Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth South, Nantucket, Old Rochester, Barnstable and Mansfield. This season, the Furies got new coaches. Ex-NHL player Connor Brickley is the head coach, and Alex Tuckerman and Zach Wells are assisting. They have been helping the girls a lot with their coaching so far!

Unfortunately, the Furies have already had many of their games canceled due to COVID. Right after Christmas break, when the Furies were finally ready to play again, Monomoy shut down their sports programs, meaning that the five Monomoy Furies players could not participate in practices that week, and the team had to cancel the games happening. Monomoy finally opened their sports up again after a week, and the whole team was ready to go!

According to an article posted on January 21, 2022 by the Patriot Ledger, the Furies are seventh in the state in division 1, but a HNIB article states that we are ninth in the state. Both are still great, and hard work pays off! The girls have been working hard during practices to get ready for upcoming games. On Saturday, January 22, the Furies finally beat Barnstable for the first time ever, winning 3-1!

There are also a lot of inequalities in women’s high school sports. One example is that one week, we only had 45 minutes of ice time for practice, then right after the boys varsity team had around an hour to an hour and a half of practice. Another thing is how in every boys varsity game, the zamboni goes and does the ice between every period. In girls, that only happens in some games, and usually the zamboni either does the ice between the second and third periods, depending on the rink. Still, the ice should be done between every period. The Furies also do not have proper practice jerseys. Jerseys were provided to us, but there were not enough for the entire team, so some people had to use ones they already had. Girls hockey also doesn’t have as many fans at their games compared to a boys varsity team, but that is definitely starting to change.

“I feel that the girls have more strict rules, which can be annoying. Boys can check obviously and girls can’t, but that’s been the rule for a long time. Other than that it’s pretty fair,” said Nauset sophomore Sienna Reeves. “Not just hockey but also in other sports it feels like the boys get more funding than we do. It seems they have more stuff. In hockey also as Sienna said it’s unfortunate that we can’t hit. Girls hockey is very competitive and aggressive and it doesn’t make sense for us not to be able to hit, although we are playing in an equal playing field (boys play boys and girls play girls),” said Nauset senior Julia Weiner.

I have also asked Julia and Sienna about their thoughts on the season so far. “Well we had a lot of games canceled sadly but now that we are back on I feel like we have a good opportunity to go to playoffs and hopefully further,” said Sienna. “I am so excited to have the 8th graders this year! It’s also awesome to have a full bench! I feel like we have a super tight bond and I’m excited to see where it takes us,” said Julia.

I am also very excited for the rest of our season and I hope that we can go far. I feel like the girls on the team have been working hard, and deserve to go far. I can’t wait to see where this season takes us!