Why the Mobil in Harwich needs to invest in a bigger parking lot


Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

The anxiety, discomfort, and stress that the Mobil parking lot in Harwich Center is something I have first-hand experience with.

Many folks stop by the Mobil and Dunkin’ building for a cup of coffee, a pack of gum, or to fill up the old Civic’s tank. In the parking lot, there are two entries/exits, both of which have some of the worst potholes I’ve ever seen. When approaching the parking lot from either direction, it’s impossible to tell which side of the lot has open spots; if you enter one side that doesn’t have any, you’ll have to painfully squeeze past the crowded gas pumps to find a spot on the other side. There’s also this bizarre stretch of parking spaces just in front of the gas pumps that can only be used by really long trucks, which further constricts the already-congested entranceway.

Given the volume of business that the franchise generates, it would seem rational to invest in a parking lot that is of sufficient size. In addition to making existing customers more comfortable, it would encourage new local consumers to place orders with Dunkin’ and make them feel welcomed as a result.

The Mobil building is surrounded by trees and other greenery in the Google Maps image above. Obviously, the owners are limited in how far they can extend their parking lot; even if they construct a wrap-around drive-through that would boost production and development, there are limitations. These restrictions can still be met by purchasing unused property from nearby residents.

Personally, I would frequent Dunkin’ Donuts more often if the parking lot didn’t make me feel so stressed out all of the time. I purchase coffee almost every morning before school, but I’ll often order from the Dunkin’ in Harwich Port, regardless of the fact that it’s very out of my way, just to avoid the dreaded Mobil lot.

When asked how she felt about the parking lot situation, eighth-grader Morgan Willis expressed her strong disapproval, “I agree. They definitely need a bigger parking lot. So many people go to Dunkin in the morning, but so many people go to other inconvenient locations because of the parking.”

Hopefully, more individuals will express their concerns about the Mobil lot, prompting the establishment’s proprietors to reconsider the lot’s format. The lot will serve as an invitation to new clients, allowing Dunks/Mobil to expand.