Maybe I should have watched the other films: A review of Ghostbusters Afterlife


Ayah Wilson, Contributing Writer

Right off of the bat, I would like to acknowledge that this is the only Ghostbusters film I have ever taken the time to watch, and yes, I saw this in theatres twice. I’m sure that this film is a 10/10 to your die heart Ghostbuster fan, but from an outsider’s point of view it was way too cheesy to be anything higher than a 6/10. The movie follows a single mom and her two kids who need to move to a new town. This new town isn’t very welcoming to them because their last name has a reputation to the man called the “Dirt farmer,” who just so happens to be their crazy father/grandfather. Carrie Coon plays Callie, the mother. Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard play her two children Phoebe and Trevor. The kids were annoying, which was awful because the two children are supposed to be the main characters. Phoebe is a child genius who makes it very known that she is in fact very intelligent with her glasses and big vocabulary. Trevor is an adult take on a teenager, annoying. He hates when people aren’t cool or are going to embarrass him in front of the girl he likes, and he spent a decent chunk of the beginning of the movie complaining about not having any cell service. Callie is a horrible mother, all she does is keep secrets from her kids and have a raging victim complex. Callie winds up having a romantic interest with Paul Rudd’s character whose name is Gary Grooberson. What kind of name is Grooberson? 

The movie is beautifully shot, the sets were beautiful and the costumes were mediocre, but what really turned me off of this film was the acting. There was a painfully unfunny one liner joke every two seconds. Mental not for any aspiring filmmakers reading this, one liners are supposed to be funny. It honestly felt like the director was trying to make every single character a comic relief character. Aside from Phoebe being smart, they all had the exact same personality and personally that really bothered me. All the characters did was whine and complain, especially Callie and Trevor. Not to mention, this film was painfully long. It is two hours and four minutes of painfully not funny characters. 

If I’m being 100% honest, the main reason this film wasn’t any good was because they only played the Ghostbusters theme song once. And yes, it was during the credits. How are you going to make a Ghostbusters movie, and only play the song once? Like there are many callbacks to the older movies that even me, someone who has never seen them before could catch. Like I said this movie was definitely made for fans of the franchise, not people like me who just needed something to do on a Saturday night. After watching that movie I have no motivation to watch any other films in the series. My apologies to Ghostbusters fans, It’s just not my thing. I can see why people like it, there are a lot of plot lines and various storylines to be interested in, but its just not for me. I’ll be giving Ghostbusters Afterlife a 5/10. It gets points for sentimental value, as the film was dedicated to Harold, but that’s about it.