Netflix’s biggest film yet, a 200 million-dollar movie starring Hollywood’s top actors

A record-breaking action, crime, mystery, bromance

A record-breaking action, crime, mystery, bromance

Harry Michaud, Contributing Writer

One of the things that practically every American owns is a Netflix account. Netflix reached into its thick wallet and brought out its big bucks when producing a crime/action film starring Ryan Reynolds (left), Dwayne Johnson (middle), and Gal Godot (right). This film is the most expensive Netflix movie to date, costing a massive 200 million dollars. This film is an adventure with many twists and turns.

The film starts off by explaining that there are three ancient eggs that were given to Cleopatra in Egypt, and were dubbed the name “Cleopatra’s Eggs.” These eggs locations are spread across the world and if all three eggs are united it is said to be worth over 600 million. (Enough to make three more Red Notices.) The eggs made fans wonder if they were real, and many found out with the help of a quick Google search, that these eggs are indeed fictional. You are introduced to FBI agent John Hartley, and art thief, Nolan Booth. Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) is attempting to steal the first egg. When the FBI agent and criminal profiler, John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) is on the scene. The art thief steals the egg and replaces it with a fake one, (Indiana Jones style). This spirals into a thrilling chase between the two and ends with Nolan escaping with the egg.

Soon they find out that Nolan Booth is not the only one searching for the egg. Another art thief, “The Bishop” (Gal Gadot), is racing to find the eggs as well. Nolan Booth gets tracked down to his home on a beach in Bali where he finds John Hartley FBI waiting for him. He gets sent off to prison and they secure the egg in an armored vehicle. Only when they get back they find the egg was indeed fake, and at the time an eight million dollar deposit was made into John Hartley’s bank account. The FBI agent was framed and quickly taken into custody. 

The two were sent off to a high-security prison on a mountain in Russia. The two bros find themselves in the same cell and exchange comical responses. The two work out a plan to escape this prison and end up on two separate missions. Booth wants to get the second egg before the bishop does, and Hartley seeks to clear his name by finding “The Bishop.” They escape prison by stealing a key card, causing a series of distractions, and finish it all up by stealing a helicopter. They make their escape and are off to find the second egg.

As the three actors are known for their roles in the Marvel and DC universe, the whole movie you can’t help but think that it’s just some weird spin-off. The actors prove to be a great pair and provide the film with many comical moments. As the movie ends with a plot twist on top of a cliffhanger, all we can do is hope for Red Notice 2.