Teachers: the unsung heroes

Image source: MRHS

Image source: MRHS

Grace Ventura

The changes students had to face during the rise of COVID-19 have been remarked, reported, and observed by all; have you ever taken a moment to think about the adjustments teachers had to make?

Rounding two years since the dawn of Google Classroom, Meets, contact tracing, masks… these have all created an unprecedented turmoil amongst the education system. Toddlers to taxpayers, all were affected. 

The media sheds an excellent view of how to can understand the students’ perspectives and aid with their means of learning. Although they give all due credit to these students, teachers and their notable self-sacrifice are often overlooked.

For most high school students, after the shutdown of the country in March 2020, homework, live classes and grading were extended and quite lenient. Even the veteran and most technically experienced became incompetent as effective teachers; they were held responsible for miscommunication and misdirection between students. This added more stress to every party involved. 

English teacher Ms. Forte-Doyle, a favorite of many students attending MRHS, gives a new perspective in an interview about her experience while teaching during the pandemic.

When asked what she missed most about pre-Covid teaching, Ms. Doyle stated, “Suddenly I have assigned seating and I have rows. So I miss that immediate physicality. I miss being able to breathe easy. I’m not loving teaching under the cloud of possible infection even though I’m fully vaccinated. There’s always the concern that someone in your room had COVID and it might be the Delta variant.”

Teachers have been faced with the detrimental task of learning to construct and navigate an advanced educational system. As the backbone of our schools, teachers merit praise for being great leaders and role models for students within every community.