Tackling spring football


Photos by Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

The Monomoy Sharks Football season kicked off under conditions that contrasted with all previous years. For the first time in Monomoy history, football became a spring sport. Instead of dreams of Thanksgiving dinner, our thoughts are turned to the Easter bunny. 

The opening home game pitted the Sharks against the Vineyarders who handed the Sharks their first loss of the season with a score of 42-0. The Vineyarders, who have won ten league championships in addition to their five state championships, were able to successfully overtake our undermanned players while leaving a number of injuries.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, our team was noticeably shorthanded, which certainly impacted the outcome of the game and the exhaustion of the remaining players. After ending the first half 35-0, Senior Captain Justin Sneed gave his team a driven and inspiring speech to push them to the end with their heads held high no matter how unbalanced the score was.

The Sharks have an away game against the Saint John Paul ll Lions on Saturday the 27th, at 12:00 pm. Once we can field our entire roster, and play with the same spirit and determination as we did against the Vinyarders, we can achieve a far better outcome.

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