Boy meets girl, then girl leaves | Review of Stargirl on Disney+


Image Source: Disney+

Bridget Addison, Contributing Writer

Stargirl is a movie about a girl that moves to a new place and starts at a new school. She’s sort of odd and doesn’t immediately fit in with everyone else. At first, no one really pays attention to her except for one boy who followed her home one day. The boy who follows her home (Leo Borlock) is a quiet boy that ever since his father died has just tried to fit in, and never draws attention to himself. He tries to be just like everyone else, while Stargirl has the exact opposite personality.

Stargirl is a movie with very mixed reviews. Some of the good aspects of the movie is that the movie was well cast. I think that all of the actors fit their roles pretty well. The writers also succeeded at making Stargirl seem mysterious.  They did well in this because no one knew where she was from, and no one knew where she went. You also don’t know why she did half of the things she did, since they seemed random to everyone else but her. An example is her going to the hospital with the boy who got hurt during the football game. This seems totally weird to anyone else since she didn’t know him and he was from the other team, but it seemed to make perfect sense to her. Something else was that I liked in the book that Leo watched from afar at first and didn’t immediately befriend her. I think him watching from afar at first fit his character.

This movie is simple, as it is a boy meets girl then girl leaves type of movie, yet it’s still interesting and entertaining. The plot of the movie also overall did make sense, and there weren’t many scenes where I was confused with what was going on. The writers of Stargirl also succeeded with making the film emotional.  Throughout the movie, I had very different emotions and many other viewers agreed with that. I also like that there wasn’t really a consistent emotion throughout the whole movie, and the mood of the film changed drastically depending on what part you were at.  

Some downfalls of the movie were that some parts were predictable. From the beginning, you sort of already knew what was going to happen with the exception of a few plot twists. I think that they should’ve kept the plot of the movie more similar to the book, as the book was a bit more unpredictable. There were also some characters that in my opinion were entirely unneeded. An example is the guy that had the sort of greenhouse and lived in the desert. I don’t think this character was needed and just confused the plot. I also found it weird that no one else had ever heard of her except for that man, and I think it would’ve been better if no one at all had ever heard of her.

Stargirl overall was a good movie and the producers and writers did a good job with it, other than a few minor things.