The icing on the season


Photos by Kate Gabri

Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

A huge amount of enthusiasm as the Monarchs outplayed DY with a final score of 2-1, as they proved hungry for their first win of the season, was given by their supporters. The excitement never let up from the first face-off to the final buzzer. From beginning to end, the Monomoy-Mashpee Monarchs put forth their best effort of the season which led to the victory over the Dolphins, one of our perennial rivals.

With senior Max Abboud (number 12) scoring early in the game, the Monarchs held the lead which was extended by Mashpee sophomore, Chris Matton (number 6), after he scored our second goal four minutes into the third period. The entire team played a hard-fought game, with kudos to goalie Josh Lovely (number 30) who came close to a shutout until the Dolphins scored their goal only a minute after Matton’s.

Finishing the last ten minutes of the period with the score frozen 2-1, both teams became increasingly aggressive and the play became more and more heated. The electrified response from the crowd was reward enough for the players as they skated to their teammates in exhilaration from their triumph.

Asked how the team prepared for this momentous game, Lucas Tambolleo (number 16) replied:

“I think we had more of a team mentality going into the game. Usually, everyone goes off and does their own thing before the game but instead of that, we did everything together. Because of that, we worked together as a team in the game instead of thinking about ourselves and it allowed us to put together 3 periods of good strong hockey.”