All American returns for a third season: Season 3, Episode 1


Image source: The CW

Maya Jones, Contributing Writer

All American is back for its third season on the CW, and fans are going crazy. Here is all you need to know about the first episode, released on January 18, 2021. 

It is the end of summer vacation for teenagers in Beverly Hills, CA. With football training, parties, and just entering senior year, this summer was one that they will never forget.

Even though the break from school put a pause on everyone’s problems, the return back to school puts them right back into the same situation they left with. Same school, same relationships, same problems.

Jordan Baker (Michael Evens Behling), the quarterback and captain for the Beverly Eagles, is having a baby. And his twin sister, Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan), became president of the black occupation at Beverly. Layla (Greta Onieogou) and Coop (BRE-Z) return from the tour with JP, and the rest of the Beverly football team continue to work harder for their battle against Spencer and Crenshaw.

The first Crenshaw practice with the new team of Season 3.

But for Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), he has his whole football career in front of him. After being injured in his right arm after a shooting, his long and powerful comeback to the game has shocked fans and teammates across the country. 

But after he made the decision to transfer back to West Crenshaw High, leaving his star position at Beverly, it left the football community in shock. Interviewers from across Los Angeles County were all over Spencer and his story.

Ranada Bills, a reporter, had come to the Crenshaw field in order to interview Spencer and get answers out of him as to why he redirected his whole football career in a different direction. But to Spencer’s surprise, the reporter turned his own words against him… for the worst. 

Spencer had claimed that his friends on the Beverly Eagles understood his choice to suddenly transfer schools. When the article was released with Spencer’s Interview, the Beverly Eagles were NOT happy. Right as he entered the last party of the summer, all eyes were on him. 

In fact, when Spencer showed up, friendly competition was factored into a game of three-way pool. But it slowly got heated, and caused Jordan and Spencer to lay hands on each other for the first time. 

This interaction causes a lot of tension between Spencer and the Eagles, and provides the drama he didn’t want to be present in the first place. So the real question is, how is Spencer going to handle having personal beef within his football rivalry?

As All American is rated TV-14, I believe that it really reflects problems in our society today, such as racism, drug use, addiction and even bullying. It brings attention to subjects that can normally be shut down or shadowed in the real world.

The cast as well REALLY play their parts consistently. I have not seen an actor fall out of character — especially Samantha Logan, the actor who plays Olivia Baker. In the show, she battles against racism and addiction, while also balancing school. 

As a student, I can see the stress I am put under during the school year in separate parts of the show. I definitely believe that Samantha represents those factors very well. As for the topic of racism and addiction, I have not experienced either of these factors in my lifetime, but I have learned to educate myself, and as for demonstrating these factors in the show, they play out really well and successfully.

All American is a show that can really get you thinking about the different point of views in the world today. It can show the different realities of teenagers, and specifies their ups and downs throughout high school. I definitely recommend All American to anyone. It is an inspirational, bittersweet form of entertainment that could always lead you on a hook.