Going back to Riverdale High: Season 5, Episode 1

Image Source: The CW

Image Source: The CW

Juliana Ritchie, Contributing Writer

Disclaimer: This review includes some spoilers from Riverdale, Season 5 Episode 1.

Riverdale fans are excited about the upcoming season and finally returning to Riverdale High to be with their favorite characters. The first episode of season five aired on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, and will be continuing for the next few weeks with new episodes every Wednesday night. 

Season four was unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19. Filming was abruptly stopped, which made season five longer and season four shorter. Originally, season four was supposed to end with prom and graduation. Season five was supposed to be set seven years in the future from season four, but due to filming issues, that is not the case anymore. Instead, season five will start with the episodes we missed in season four, including prom and graduation, and then we will have the seven-year time jump in episode four. 

When we return  to Riverdale High for the first time since May, we are welcomed by Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie, and we get to see them finish up their senior year in Riverdale. 

Though everything seems to be going right for Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica, the town still has its usual troubles. We continue where we left off, with the creepy tapes of people’s houses, hours and hours long. The killing tapes are based on Jughead’s paper he never showed anyone, that keep popping up as well. 

As Betty and Jughead continue in their usual fashion, trying to figure out the truth behind Riverdale, we also get to see them attend prom, which is a first for Riverdale fans.  

Episode one was definitely a game-changer relationship-wise for some of our favorite Riverdale couples. One of our favorites broke up due to family issues, and another due to a forbidden kiss that was never supposed to happen. It is unfortunate to see two of our favorite couples go, but I have a good feeling they will be back sometime in the future; whether that is before or after the time jump, we will never know. 

As always, Cheryl was determined to win once again, so of course, she and Toni ran for prom queen. We also see Kevin trying to run, but like always, Cheryl is persistent and doesn’t even give him the chance to put his name in the drawing. In the end, our favorite couple, Cheryl and Toni, won and were prom queens side by side. Cheryl chose Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie to be her prom court, but something very unexpected happened during their dance. 

As we all know, everyone except Archie has a plan for the future, so we also got to see what he is planning in this episode. An officer from the army came to watch Archie fight and get to know him, but sadly it wasn’t that easy. Archie had to face another opponent for the spot, and whether he wins or not is up for you to see!

So far, season five is pretty good, and I would rate it a B+. I like the time jump concept it has, and I can’t wait to see more from our favorite characters and where they take us in the upcoming weeks!