What’s in the air tonight?


Photos by Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

Boys Varsity Basketball made an incredible comeback from last week’s game. After a fast, exciting evening, the Sharks beat the SJP Lions 61-25.

After less than a week since their last game, the boys have improved on their ball handling, positioning, and communication as a team. The play was constantly keeping the audience on their toes.

Dan Gould (number 15) and Michael Desir (number 4) were especially on their A-game tonight, making some especially amazing movement on the court and baskets in the net.

Every player was able to accentuate one another’s previous plays and successfully created a motivated and positive atmosphere throughout the game. The Lions played hard and aggressive but were outplayed by the calm, confident Sharks. We can’t wait to see what more this team has to wow us with at their next game on Thursday at Sturgis West!