The adventures of ‘All American’ season 3


Image Source: Netflix

Vidan Vujosevic, Contributing Writer

While Spencer James is moving from Beverly High to Crenshaw, everything is starting to feel different. They had a summer break and everyone has slightly drifted away from each other. Olivia and Spencer might have had a summer fling, but it is uncertain. Jordan on the other hand is having a baby with his girlfriend Simone, but the baby isn’t his, it’s someone else’s. If anything, the big loss is that Beverly Hills’ great friend and football player was leaving. Now Spencer will be competing against Beverly, which will be tough. He made them his family and the next thing you know, he will be tackling them and they will be tackling him. Layla, Spencer’s girlfriend, is very friendly, as we all know. Hers and Spencer’s relationship is complicated. Billy Baker and his ex-wife are getting a little closer since the incident happened when she found out that he cheated on her. 

Right before the first day of school, Spencer James has an interview from a professional reporter; she posts everything he says on social media. The reporter forces him to say some things and quotes him out of context, saying, “Beverly is my past and Crenshaw is my future.” You’ll have to watch to see what actually happens because of these words. 

In some ways, Spencer made a very bad decision just leaving Beverly, but at the same time it was the good decision. Spencer made a family in Beverly. Jordan became a brother to him, that’s how much friendship can just change something. They went from hating and pranking each other to loving each other as brothers. Even when you live apart or when you get into fights, brotherhood always finds its way back. 

Beverly High luckily got a very good coach, but the con is that she is a woman. Women aren’t taken seriously in football, especially when you have JJ, who thinks everyone is hot. Now the tricky part is that apparently everyone had a summer fling. Asher Adams, one of the better football players who took steroids, slept with the coach’s daughter while on vacation in Mexico, not knowing that she would show up at his school. Now he is trying to have Olivia not find out. However with Coach Billy, not everything is going well. 

The new principal at Crenshaw has a grudge against Coach Billy because of their past, and he is making a point of not supporting the football team and is focusing the school funds on other programs and on education. This means that the players need to pay for their own supplies and uniforms, which is an issue, because most of the kids in Crenshaw are struggling financially, don’t have jobs, and have family problems. He also established a new rule and is not allowing anyone to play football unless they have at least a 3.6 GPA. This is a huge burden for the coach and for his players that they have to overcome in order to keep the team going. In order for you to see which team will succeed in the season you’ll have to watch, especially when Cooper is being chased by Tyron’s sister, a life or death situation when it comes to such dangerous people. In season 3 there are already three episodes — go watch for the excitement.