Grey’s Anatomy’s season 17 brings COVID to the table


Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Emily Brophy, Contributing Writer

Despite these hard times, the cast of Grey’s Anatomy still knows how to keep us on our toes! As we are navigating our way through this pandemic, Grey’s Anatomy brought COVID into its newest season. With COVID impacting one of the most well-known and loved doctors on the show, Meredith, not all of it turned out to be bad. During the “COVID dream” that Meredith had, we got a special appearance from one of the most treasured doctors on the show, who we lost several seasons back, with a heart-wrenching departure that left fans devastated. With only three doctors from the original cast remaining, we fear for Meredith’s life as COVID starts to play a role. 

Currently, there have been two appearances from doctors that we have lost on the show, and fans are hoping for more. There have been many opinions on who they would want to come back, but I personally would love it if Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw), or April Kepner (Sarah Drew) came back for an episode… maybe even the whole original M.A.G.I.C. cast (Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, and Cristina)? Fans have mixed feelings about the return of the two doctors we lost in earlier seasons, some happy and some upset. 

As Meredith is nearing the end of her COVID journey, she is still holding onto what made her who she is: surgery. She may not be able to be in the OR right now, but when someone needed saving, she jumped out of bed to go perform CPR on somebody that needed it. Meredith had a flashback of a speech her former best friend on the show, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), gave to her right before she left at the end of the season 10 finale that said, “Don’t be a hero, you’re my person. I need you alive, you make me brave.” Despite the speech that Cristina gave to Meredith, she knew what was best and went for it even though she was near death. 

My reaction when I first found out that they were including COVID in their new season was sort of upset and confused; because Grey’s isn’t based on real life but this season is, it’s a big curve. I watch the show to get my mind off of things and escape reality as most people do, but it’s hard to escape reality when watching this new season because of how relevant it is to today’s world. I think it’s interesting that they found a way to put COVID in the new season, but I don’t like how they portrayed Meredith getting sick. Maybe they did it because Meredith is the main character and the show is reaching its ending point — who knows? It kind of upsets me that my favorite show is portraying COVID right now, as they know that everyone is already on high stakes about it, and adding it to a TV show loved by millions of people makes it hard to escape reality. 

So far this season, there have only been six episodes, but the show will continue to be produced in March, with more episodes to come.