Hittin’ the ice


Photos by Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

The Monarchs took a rough hit Saturday night against Barnstable’s Red Raiders, losing 6-1.

Starting off early, the Raiders scored their first goal against Monomoy junior Josh Lovely (number 31) in goal. Two more goals were quickly fired at Lovely after our defense got broken down.  The first period ended 3-0 Barnstable.

Only six minutes into the second period, Monomoy senior Charlie Southworth (number 10) made an amazing goal against the Barnstable goalie, Zachary Harmon. Following Southworth’s goal, the Monarchs started to play faster, smarter, and stronger, with Josh Lovely, in particular, making some staggering saves. The score was 4-1 Raiders after the second period.

Then tensions ran even higher in the third period after two goals were scored against the Monarchs. The boys gave an amazing effort and were able to keep their cool even after a hard loss of 6-1. Hopefully, they’ll be able to remain focused during their game against Nantucket on Wednesday!

A statement was given after the game from Mashpee senior Owen McGovern:

“We played decent overall but shut down during the third period. We came out slow and they put pucks in the net and took advantage. 2nd period was for sure better but we still always have room for improvement. We have the ability to get better as a whole but tonight showed us we have the ability to stay in the game with the more in favor teams.”

A statement from Monomoy goalie Josh Lovely addressed the question of where he thought the game started to go downhill and why:

“Honestly I don’t really look at it as when we necessarily went “downhill,” I think our play went more uphill. If you take away those first 3 minutes, it’s a 3-1 game. Especially in the 2nd, I feel we played like the better team, matching them 1-1. After we went down 3-0 quickly we had to settle ourselves, reevaluate the game, and fight back. We came out more physical, broke up their control, and got quality opportunities.

“Barnstable came out mentally and physically faster but after our captain and defenseman Jack Vinitsky got ejected and we received the 5-minute penalty was our best stretch of play holding off an impressive Barnstable powerplay. I think from that point on rather than going downhill we climbed back as a team, whether it was blocking shots, big hits, quality opportunities or energy from the bench it took all of us to recover. 

“As to stopping stretches like those first three minutes from continuing, we need to play with the same intensity as that five-minute penalty or the second period. As coaches and captains have emphasized, the mental aspect is what separates great teams from winning teams. We aren’t aiming to be great or for highlights. It’s about winning as a team and playing for our seniors. If we can maintain consistency of our best play, we all believe we can get there. What’s important is putting in the hard work and focus on and off the ice.”