‘Outside the Wire’: A look into futuristic warfare

An action packed film directed by Mikael Håfström

Image Source: Netflix

Image Source: Netflix

Sam Higgins, Contributor

The 2021 Netflix film, Outside the Wire, gives a peek into the future with this packed 2 hours filled with action, betrayals, killing, and redemption. The movie showcases different forms of warfare and artificial intelligence, and makes you really think what the world will look like in 15 years.

Taking place in 2036, the US finds itself in the peacemaking role surrounded by different groups fighting for freedom. New robotic soldiers make an appearance, and they seem really realistic. There are scenes of them charging back to full battery, similar to a phone. The main character, Lieutenant Harp, is a drone pilot. In one of the opening scenes, he makes a judgement call and goes against higher command order. Because of this, he gets assigned outside of his comfort zone, and he must learn who to trust and how to make up for his mistakes, all while thinking of his fiancé at home. At first the assignment seemed to be a punishment, but turned out to be much bigger and more complicated than that. 

Damson Idris takes the role of Harp and absolutely kills it. He captures the different experiences that happen in war and the emotions that come with it. His character is a drone pilot who gets thrown into combat with little notice. The acting displayed on this part was fantastic, as he kept his character throughout. He showed heart and was always trying to do the right thing.

Now the main reason I watched this movie was because of Anthony Mackie. Mackie became a big part of the Marvel Universe, and his role in those movies definitely persuaded me to give this new movie a watch. Although he was the antagonist in Outside the Wire, which is a change of role from Marvel, he still kills it. He is part robot, however, he still has a stone cold personality that is very human-like. He really brings the movie together with his role. He is unbelievably smart and strong in this movie, along with being persuasive and a leader. 

Another actor that I enjoyed seeing in this movie was Michael Kelly, playing a colonel. Kelly is well known for his role in House of Cards, along with a stunning performance in the movie Now You See Me. In Outside the Wire, Kelly puts in a caring performance, as well as capturing the harshness of a higher rank in the military. 

Overall, I enjoyed watching this movie a lot. It was very entertaining and easy to keep up with. Usually with movies this length, I find myself checking how much time was left as I get tired of the longevity of a plot, but not with this movie. I think that it was very well thought out along with being very well acted by a star studded cast. 

I give this movie a 9.4/10.

Will Harp make up for his mistakes, or will the world pay for his mistakes? Find out in Outside the Wire on Netflix now!