Going hard in the paint


Photos by Grace Ventura

Grace Ventura, Staff Writer

In a result of a loss, the Monomoy Varsity Boys Basketball team played Cape Cod Academy on Wednesday the 27th with a final score of 58-49 on their senior night.

The game started off slow. The first quarter finished 14-12 Cape Cod Academy. Early in the second quarter, senior Aiden Melton (number 5) was able to make some successful offensive rebounds as well as putbacks. Senior Bradley Alexis (number 14) was also destroying it on the defensive end and doing a great job of controlling the end. By the end of the second quarter, the score was set at 23-21 Cape Cod Academy, still a close game.

Starting off the third quarter, Melton made two great blocks, which led to two free throws. Ending the third quarter, it was 37-31 Monomoy. When asked who he thought the MVP of the game was, forward Michael Rocco responded, “Aiden Melton because he played really good defense when anyone got in the paint and was hitting his shots and getting important rebounds.”

The fourth quarter was slow play wise but high in tensions with the score being uncomfortably close. The apprehensive game ended 58-49 Cape Cod Academy with 9 fouls on their end and 13 for the Sharks.