StarQuest: a special dance competition


Image Source: StarQuest

Deacon Kautz, Contributor

Star Quest is a dance competition right outside of Boston. It’s not only a competition, but a place to prove one’s skill and love for an art which most dancers feel in their entire being. I had a chance to go to a few of the competitions, and I’ve found nothing but love for the art and comfort on the stage. Being a dancer myself, I know the struggle and anxiety of performing, but these talented dancers definitely showed no fear or mercy while dancing.

One would probably think it’s childish to find magic in something, but the truth is, there is something magical about dance. The way you’re building on the other dancer’s energy and just rolling with it. In this StarQuest competition, there was a variety of dance styles all the way from hip hop to ballet and even to classical dance. Now it’s something to read about but it’s another thing to witness such extraordinary performances in this competition. With all these crews and groups performing, you could tell they weren’t just dancers. Instead, they were family, warriors, fighting along side each other with the intent to win the judge’s approval. It just goes to show that family is not just the one you were born into but the family you’ve claimed and made as your own.