Stressing out!


Studies have shown that high schoolers have more stress than adults

Teenagers are more prone to stress because they have a lot on their plates, especially high school students because the workload is heavier.  According to the American Psychological Association’s 2013 “Stress in America” survey, American teens have been recorded to have the most stress out of any other age group. The adult stress rate is 5.1 while the teenagers’ stress rate is 5.8. Adults can get very stressed too because they have to handle their life and if they have children, their lives too.

Teenagers are not mentally developed like adults are, so it is harder to handle stress; some kids can handle it but the majority of teenagers have a hard time coping and using stress mechanisms. For example, a sophomore student who has a lot of homework and does not know how to handle stress will push all of the work to the last minute. When it comes time to do the work, the student will find any excuse because he/she is so stressed out that they don’t know what to do. According to APA’s survey, only 16% of teens said that their stress has gone down in the past year. That is not that many people.

Stress influencers: 

Sleep: Getting enough sleep is a huge part of being stressed. Sleep says that the average person needs about seven to nine hours of sleep a night. If the average person does not get enough sleep at night they are more likely to be stressed throughout the day. 18% of teens said that if they do not get enough sleep at night they feel more stressed. 

Schoolwork: Teenagers get stressed about schoolwork because most of the time they have a lot of it. Based on’s “A Day In the Life of a Teenager” survey, most high school students spend one and a half to two hours on homework from Monday to Thursday. On top of homework, the average teenager goes to school from Monday to Friday for six and a half hours. 

Stress relievers:

There are many different stress relievers, including therapy. If a teenager or anyone is really anxious all the time, they should see a therapist to help them figure out what to do. If a person is stressed a few times a week, then they don’t need to see a therapist because it is normal. Instead of a therapist, people who are stressed can take deep breaths or take a break from the task that is stressing them out for a few minutes. The best thing someone can do if they are anxious is to take action. Tackle the thing that is stressing you out and when you are finished, you will feel good about yourself and not as anxious anymore. 

In conclusion, teenagers are very stressed because they have a lot on their plate. You never know when someone is stressed out, so always help someone if they ask for it.