Lebron James: The chosen one


Noah Concordia, Contributor

While Michael Jordan was winning his countless championships during the 90s, a hopeful kid from Akron was staring at the T.V. with awe. That kid was LeBron James. He would later become known as “The Chosen One” and would take the basketball world, and real world, by storm. LeBron James is the greatest player of all time with the greatest legacy of all time and here’s why…

LeBron has the perfect formula for being the greatest player and his legacy that follows him is one pulled from a movie. He was the golden boy of high school sports and was the single most hyped kid in high school sports ever. When he entered the draft right out of high school at age 19, the hype was real. Very real. “At this age LeBron is better than anybody I’ve seen in 37 years in this business, including Kevin [Garnett] and Kobe [Bryant] and Tracy,” said the legendary shoe rep Sonny Vaccaro in 2002. Not many people doubted that LeBron would be a king. Most people saw him as the protege of Jordan. Once LeBron was a no-brainer first overall pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers, his legacy blossomed. 

First of all, LeBron was drafted to his hometown team who were laughably bad. Jordan was never on a team as bad as the teams LeBron played for in his early years. The Cavs’ record a year before LeBron was drafted: 17-65. The Cavs’ record the next few years with LeBron: 35-47, 42-40, and then 50-32 with a playoff run. In 2007, after only being in the league for three years, he led his team to the NBA finals. Although they ultimately lost to the Spurs, the Cavs had arguably the worst Finals roster ever. 

LeBron was able to lead such bad teams to great seasons, but he could never get his championship win. When he went to Miami, he was cast out as a villain. After winning a couple championships, James returned home to Cleveland. His goal: to win a championship. LeBron was faced with very easily one of the greatest teams ever: The 2015 Golden State Warriors who had the best record in NBA history, 73-9. 

During the 2015-2016 NBA Finals, LeBron did something that would crown him a true legend and prove that he was “The Chosen One”. After being down 3-1 in the Finals against the ridiculously stacked Warriors, who currently are a dynasty powerhouse, he found a way to come back and win the series. Through his stat lines of 30 points per game, 9 assists per game, and 11 rebounds per game, LeBron was unbelievable. Not to mention the famously clutch block that led to the Game 7 win. 

Through the years, LeBron has become known for his unstoppable athleticism. Combined with that, he has an outstanding IQ which is proven by his ability to control an offense and make tremendous passes. Stats wise, LeBron and MJ are pretty much equal with Michael having a slight edge. LeBron leads the assist and rebound categories while Michael leads the scoring. With that said, LeBron is only 210 points away from passing Michael.

In the end, there is no one close to the type of player LeBron James is. He is a physical specimen with one of the best skill sets ever. Many people discredit him because he only has three rings versus Jordan’s six. Here are the questions to consider: Can you win a “Jordan is better than LeBron” argument without using the words “six rings”? Would Jordan win six rings if he played on the teams LeBron had in his early years, and would he beat dynasties like the Spurs and Golden State? And finally, could Jordan survive in today’s NBA with super teams everywhere you look? 

The answers to those questions are all no.

“My motivation… is this ghost I’m chasing. The ghost played in Chicago” – LeBron James.