Experiencing Chinese culture


Jade Jones, Contributor

From April 12 to April 21, the MRHS Mandarin class took a trip to China. Although they spent a lot of their time in Beijing, they also went to Chengdu. The Mandarin class is one of the language classes offered at MRHS and is open to all grades.

One of the reasons the class went was to see what Chinese culture is like and to be a part of it. On their first night there, they ate duck at the Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Restaurant which is one of the favorite foods in China. Another thing the students did was on day four when the class went to visit a local middle school to study Chinese paintings with the kids. The students even got to play basketball, which is a popular game played there, with the kids. The students also went to an orphanage. They made chicken for the children, danced with them, and read to them. They also showed them what our culture is like and taught them English.

The class also went to see the famous monuments, one of them being the Leshan Giant Buddha. The class took a bullet train from Beijing to Chengdu, which the students really liked, and then had to take a boat to see the Giant Buddha. The Buddha is the world’s largest stone statue and was built between 713-803 AD, making it over 900 years old. The students also went to see the Great Wall of China to pick up trash and walk some of it. The Great Wall of China is 13,171 miles long and was built in 375 BC.

The class also stayed in Chengdu. Chengdu is a historical city and capital of three kingdoms. In Chengdu, the class went to Kuanzhai Lane where they got to experience the old city lifestyle and culture. While the class was there, they also got to be panda keepers. The students cleaned their enclosures, made food cakes for them, and even played with them. Although they did have fun with the pandas, the students also learned some things, such as how to care for them and protect them.

One of the students’ favorite things was going to the local markets they have there. They got to see people making the things they sell. Also, the way money works is different in China than over here and the kids found that interesting. Students liked being able to see what Chinese culture is in action and to be a part of it. Overall, the class really enjoyed the trip and had a great time.