Denying the undeniable


Image Source: NASA

Christie Beckley, Contributor

Hurricanes. Intense droughts. Flash flooding. Wildfires. I fully believe that the reason for these events and their recent escalation in power and occurrence is the world’s rising temperature. However, despite scientists’ blaring warnings and legitimate evidence, some people are still convinced that there is no such thing as climate change.

Some of the most influential public figures don’t believe in climate change. President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that climate change is “a hoax.” Trump has not only denied that climate change is legitimate but has also welcomed it! As President of the USA, Trump’s words weigh heavily on the opinions of Americans. Many other public figures such as Victoria Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, and Sen. James Inhofe also deny global warming’s actuality.

So, why are people still denying the undeniable? Studies show that one of the reasons is vanity. The human brain tends to believe that it is superior to others. Once somebody gets an idea in their head different from a majority, they don’t lose it easily because they feel that they are right. When in reality, scientists researching climate change are far more educated in the matter at hand.

When the human brain is overwhelmed with the magnitude of a situation, another one of its defenses is repression.  Some people just don’t want to accept how dire climate change is and how quickly we must act on it. Many businessmen just don’t want to open a can of worms. Many of them are worried that the money spent (estimated to be 47 trillion dollars) on preventing global warming, would be better used improving economic growth.

Though many people around you may be positive that we need to diminish climate change, others feel the opposite. As a person, community, and country, everyone needs to continue raising awareness regarding climate change and the actions that must be taken. Humans have evolved so much that – unlike any other species on this planet – we have the technology to prevent our world from becoming uninhabitable. So, let’s take advantage of that and work towards creating a greener, less polluted Earth.