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  • October 22Join the Unified Basketball team at MRHS on October 26 at 4:00 PM!
  • October 21Girls Soccer tied Sturgis West, 1-1.
  • October 21Boys Soccer tied Sturgis West, 1-1.
  • October 13Field Hockey beat Nauset, 2-0.
  • October 12PSAT testing for 10th and 11th grade on Wednesday, October 13.
Image source: National Geographic
Space junk, a different kind of pollution
Harry Michaud, Contributing Writer • October 13, 2021
Paula Posey holds up a picture of her daughter, Shemika Cosey, who has been missing since 2008.
Image source: ABC news
“Missing White Woman Syndrome” gains attention in the media
Ashley Smith, Contributing Writer • October 11, 2021
Image source: Associated Press
Biden’s first few weeks bring change to the nation
Jack Credit, Contributing Writer • February 10, 2021
Image Source: Reuters
COVID-19 updates: Vaccines, outbreaks, and more
Sophie Machnik, Contributing Writer • February 9, 2021
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USA women’s hockey team captain Kendall Coyne.
Image source: NBC Sports
Inequalities in sports: here’s what you need to know
Morgan Willis October 15, 2021
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The Creative Writing Class and Sandscript club members wait for the bus to arrive outside Monomoy High School on Wednesday, October 20th
Photos: Creative Writing Field Trip
Ashley Smith, Contributing Writer • December 7, 2021


Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender woman and activist who “threw the first stone” at the Stonewall riots.
The estimated life expectancy for a trans woman is 35 years old; why?
Charlotte Mahoney (she/it) October 26, 2021

The average life expectancy for a transgender woman is only 35 years old. This is obviously a shocking and disturbing fact at first glance; however,...

Live theatre is back with Sense and Sensibility
Live theatre is back with Sense and Sensibility
Ms. Lexi Goyette October 21, 2021

For the first time since March 2020, live theatre is in full swing at Monomoy. The fall production of Sense and Sensibility will bring much-needed...